Win7 Live Mail

I have Win7 Professional and am using Win Live Mail. I've downloaded and installed Open Office and MS power point viewer 2007. When receiving a .ppf file I click on it and it opens to the Media Center window. At that point I'm lost.

To open the the pps file I drag the icon to the desktop. Then I 'X' out all windows - click on Start - All Programs then I click on MS power point viewer 2007 , click the saved pps icon on the desktop to open the pps slide show - works fine.

When I used WinXP, I had a small program I would install after having downloaded and installeed PPViewer - I could then open the pps file from Outlook Express. Is there a similar file one can use to directly open a pps file in Windows Live Mail?


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Right click on the file and go to Open With if that option is available. Navigate to PowerPoint Viewer and check the option to open that file type with PowerPoint Viewer by default. You may also be able to do it in Control Panel under program defaults.