Win7 Recovery - Can't find windows



The other day when i turned on my laptop, it said the "BOOTMGR is missing" thing, so i googled it and found out what to do. Since i did'nt got any cd's with my pc, i found this site and bought a recovery-cd for Windows 7 64-bit, though i'm not sure if it's 32 or 64-bit i'm running s:

I've followed the guide and burned it to a DVD with Imgburn. When i'm booting from it, it's loading fine but it seems like it can't find any windows.

I hope you can help me s:

I've recorded how it boots (bad recorded):
Do you have multiple HDDs ?
If so remove the other(s) leaving only the W7 HDD, and try again.
If you have only one HDD, eject/re-insert it several times to make sure it's not as simple as dirty contacts making the HDD invisible.
If the symptoms persist, when you get to the "select an OS to repair" screen, click next anyway without selecting anything. (don't try the load drivers menu).
Sometimes that will complete the first repair after which the OS will reappear, and you can repeat the "startup repair" sequence for a second and third time (there might be multiple problems to fix, and it only does one per pass).
If that doesn't work, get yourself a live Linux distro and boot it from the burned CD to examine the state of your HDD.
Take the precaution of saving all of your user data to external storage while you're at it.
Use Ubuntu Live CD to Backup Files from Your Dead Windows Computer - How-To Geek

I've just got a weeks holiday from my school, and since i'm a fool i've forgot my laptop there :/

I can't try any of your suggestions right now, so can i return to you in about a week?
Hi again.

Now i've tried what you suggested.
I re-inserted the HDD and scanned for fixes without selecting a windows many times and it did'nt work :/

I also tried the disc on one of my fiends computer with Windows 7 64-bit, and it found windows like it should, so there's nothing wrong with the disc.

As i wrote i'm really not sure if i run Win7 32 or 64 bit, is that the problem? And if so, what do i do?

Please help me s: