Win7 Recovery Disc Problem!


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So to start I accidnetally deleted wow6432node from my local user registry. I found your lovely Windows 7 Recovery Disc iso and burned it to a disc. I booted it fine from the disc and clocked on automated repair. The only 2 choices I have to repair do not work. All I can coose from is either Boot Volume or Data Volume. And I dont know what to do!

I run win7 64 bit.
I have a similar problem. Trying to install Ubuntu, somehow my efi settings went corrupted. I can not load either Ubuntu or Windows 7. Trying to use Easy Recovery, it did not find any OS. However, browsing my laptop, I find all the partitions used by Windows 7 and all the partitions used by Ubuntu. Loading Ubuntu from a CD I have the partition table given in Ubuntu Pastebin
Is there any way to reach BCDEdit from the Easy Recovery CD? Or someone has a suggestion to solve my problem?