win7 repair giving message about corrupt boot sector

dual boot machine, xp and win7. yesterday i had problems booting. would hang with blank screen, or partway into loading desktop, or into just starting loading windows. eventually i used rollback to put the system back to a previous state. booted last night ok. this morning took a couple of attempts to finish boot. it hung partway in to loading desktop.

i have run spinrite 6.0 on the boot partition. says all is ok. i also ran win7 install disk in repair mode, yesterday and today. same result. all tests were ok except for the last which it couldn't fix: "boot sector for system disk partition is corrupt" "repair action- boot sector repair" "result: failed error code= 0x490"

during all of this the computer has rebooted numerous times without a problem.

my current question is: if i had used easybcd several years ago when i set this up, (and easeus partition master to set up hard drive), would win7 be reading the boot sector as corrupt simply because it isn't how win7 would have set it up? perhaps, in fact,the boot sector is not corrupt.
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No, EasyBCD does not interfere with how Windows sets up the boot sector. It sits past that.

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