Win7 reports Window failed to start


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Tried to make a dual boot system using easyBCD. Window now reports "Window failed to start. A recent hardware or software change..."
Since this was a new computer, it did not come with a system disk. As always, I made the system repair disk and the system image in such cases; however, the system repair disk does not boot, much to my chagrin. Asus wants 50 bucks for a new system disk, and they charge 14 bucks to ship it. Short of dropping $64, does anyone have any suggestions? BTW, Linux installed fine, and will boot. Maybe I should just jettison the crappy piece of os known as Window!!!

Thanks for any and all help.


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Did you have a working Windows install prior to installing Ubuntu? (I assume yes).

We have downloadable boot repair CDs available from High Speed System Recovery Disc Downloads that may fix your problem, assuming the issue is with the bootloader and not a completely hosed Windows setup.