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Win RTM Bits Release info

OEMs: Two days after RTM

ISVs and IHV partners: August 6 (downloadable via Microsoft Connect or MSDN)

Microsoft Gold certified resellers: August 16 (downloadable from the partner portal in English only); October 1 (other language)

TechNet subscribers: August 6 (English only); October 1 (other languages)

MSDN subscribers: August 6 (English only); October 1 (other languages)

Microsoft “Action Pack” subscribers: August 23 (English only); October 1 (remaining languages)

Volume licensees with existing Software Assurance license: August 7 (downloadable from the Volume License Service Center in English); a couple of weeks after that for other languages. (So my original post on when business users would get Windows 7 wasn’t really wrong, after all. Glad we cleared that up. Not!)

Volume licensees without a Software Assurance license: September 1 (downloadable from the Volume License Service Center)

Consumers: General availability begins October 22. Retailers and OEMs will be offering new systems preloaded with Windows 7 and copies of Windows 7 at retail on that day.

Source: Mary Jo Foley via Windows 7 Blog

Also let it be known now, there is no upgrade from RC to RTM.

Users of Windows 7 pre-RTM development milestones will not be able to perform in place upgrades to the gold release of the operating system, according to Microsoft. The Redmond company has made available for download the Windows 7 Upgrade Paths, a resource designed to provide information on the “supported and unsupported upgrade paths for editions of the Windows 7 operating system.”

So you should find out now from the provided documentation what upgrade paths are available for you.
Just in time for my new 'puter.....if and when it arrives, but it was supposed to be July 27. (Technet I mean).
Windows 7 Has Been Released to Manufacturing

Build 7600 is the RTM Build. Specifically, it’s build 7600.16385 that is the RTM version of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Along with Win7 Server 2008R2 has also been RTM'd. There is some more info and a special thank you to people who tested on the Windows 7 blog.
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Thanks for that info. Can't wait to see the final. Plus see how many tweaks and hacks I have to perform to get it the way I like it!!