Win7, Ubuntu and PC-BSD?

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Alright i know that this has been talked about before. But i just want to know up front if there is any chance of EasyBCD being able to add and entry for PC-BSD or if i am going to have to live with their dreaded installer.

Is there any other options i could use? Aside from GRUB?

I have not tried but i dont think F12 will allow me to select partitions on my OS Drive. So that option will be out I think. I have not tried it yet. The reason for asking is that i have to reinstall Win7 now. My copy had the SP1 RC Build and every method to try and remove it, including from the Command Prompt, doesnt allow for it to be removed. So i am forced to reinstall. Not a big deal since i have the ISO with SP1 already slipstreamed from MSDN. Just a pain to have to reinstall now.
Hey Alek..

You're still using PCBSD, then? How is it? When PC-BSD 7 was released, it was supposed to be the next big thing since sliced bread and I was anxious to support it in EasyBCD, then it seemed to lay forgotten.

If you install the PC-BSD bootloader to the bootsector of the PC-BSD partition, EasyBCD can add entry (just select type "BSD"). But perhaps GRUB as the top-level boot menu would be your best option.
I have not gone through the reinstall process yet. I left some disks at work that i needed. Namely GParted. I didnt feel like wasting another disk to burn software that i already had. So i have not gone through the process yet of partitioning my drive to install Win7 again and PC-BSD. Once i will i will post and let you know how it is and give some screen shots.

I do know that they are on Version 8.1 now and version 7 is reaching end of life support. So we will see if they have made any major improvements.

I will see if i can use EasyBCD and add an entry. But i dont know if PC-BSD uses the same loader as FreeBSD. I think they are different so it might not work. I will report back over the weekend when i get the urge to do this.
Step one of the process done. Got Win7 SP1 reinstalled. Downlaoded the latest Beta to add Ubuntu. Now to test that Ubuntu boots then on to installing PC-BSD.


Alright so good news and bad news. Good news Win7 SP1 is installed and only 15 updates on a fresh install. Most of which were drivers. Bad news turns out i screwed up my Ubuntu install. I guess when i installed it that it didnt install GRUB to that partition. Cause upon adding an entry i get GRUB RECOVERY when i select that entry. PC-BSD is installing right now.

Any idea how i can fix my Ubuntu?

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Alright so i got PC-BSD installed and adding an Entry for BSD worked like a charm. Just made sure not to check the box to install the PC-BSD Loader. After that everything worked like a champ.
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Awesome news about PC-BSD. You did have to install the bootloader to the partition though, right?

For Ubuntu: is this GRUB or GRUB2?
For PC-BSD I did NOT select to install the boot loader. Which forced it to be installed on the same partition. The last screen of the install verified this. So i knew that the Boot Loader wasnt going to over write the MBR. From what i see on the screen with PC-BSD 8.1 is that they jumped to the FreeBSD loader. So you can add another OS to your compatibility list.

It is Ubuntu 10.10 so honestly i dont know. :lol: I thought i checked the box to have it install on the partition. But when i went through the Add Entry and selected that partition that is the message i receive.


Alright so i have booted back into Windows to try and see if using GRUB2 instead of GRUB Legacy would net any different results, nope.

Looks like i will have to put in the Ubuntu CD and go through the live setup and install GRUB again.


Dual Boot with Windows Using EasyBCD - PC-BSD Wiki

Well wouldnt you know it. They already have it documented that you can use EasyBCD to add an entry to dual boot properly. :lol:
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Thats really nice of them to write a tutorial on using PC-BSD with EasyBCD. As for Ubuntu I'm using that full time on my laptop. It uses Grub2.
Sweetness. I think I need to get access to the Wiki again and write up some PC-BSD guides for us. Cause i know that I will not be the first nor last person to attempt this and i dont want others to fall under the wrong direction and mess it up.

Still havent fixed my Ubuntu though...:lol: