Win7/Ubuntu dual-boot, run EasyBCD, then never again a dual-boot prompt at start

Started with Win7 64-bit on a Dell Optiplex990, added Ubuntu 11.4 to same disk. Reboot (as many times as I want) and GRUB menu appears and I can choose either system. I run EasyBCD exactly as according to "Add Linux after Win7" help page and after a reboot I always come directly back to Win7 -- no dual-boot menu. Going to EasyBCD will let me add Linux again as before (tried both GRUB2 and legacy GRUB), but changes vanish each time on reboot. In EasyBCD (before the reboot) after adding the Linux entry I can see both entries in "View Settings" as they should appear.

Any help or tips appreciated - thanks!
What does it show when you click on Edit Boot Menu? Does it show the 2 entries? Is one of them checked as default? If so click the Save Settings button and see if that works to get both entries on the BCD upon reboot.
Thanks to Mak 2!! (It works now -- an update to your on-line sticky advice?)

I followed Mak 2's advice and it works perfectly! (Thanks!!) What kept me from success, as far as I can see, was following this guide to the letter:

Ubuntu - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

In it, after adding 'GRUB2' to the entries list, we are only told to write the MBR (nothing about saving the entry on the other screen). Am I just reading this the wrong way, or does that need a touch-up?

Regardless, thanks so much for responding to my plaintive query!