Win7 Ult double boot with blink in between


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Please, I need help with the following Win7 Ultimate booting:
1. windows starts with a short blink in between the initial win7 screens. It appears that it is booting twice.
2. There are two hard drives:
C: with window 7, 64 bit
D: with XP pro sp-3 32 bit (boots normally, and it has boot files for editing)
3. Things were working fine until I used flash drive in usb and clicked in the win7 logged on the D: drive folder with XP. Then, the computer started running for ever. So, the pc had to be shut down.
4. There appears to be some sort of double start/boot of the win7 with short blink in between and then Win7 is very slowly starting with very slow displaying icons.
5. It appears as if two win7 are started and open.
6. Boot file may be affected.
Please, advise.
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