Win7 Using Vista Loading GUI


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I've been using EasyBCD for a dual boot XP Pro/Vista setup then decided to go with Win7 so I made an image of a Win7 install using another stand alone HDD then imaged it and overwrote the Vista partition using Ghost. Everything works fine except I'm getting the Vista screen (green bars) while the OS is loading versus the WIn7 animation. Not a big deal really but since I can be OCD and do like things as they should be what can I do to get the Win7 loader back? Sorry if I'm not using the proper terminology but I hope my point is coming across.


PS: I've read some similar posts on here but they are usually associated with some other problem. I thought to just post this simple question as I'm having no other issues with my partitions. Thanks again.


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Hi dogfather, welcome to NST.
I expect you're using EasyBCD 1.7. It has no W7 support.
Use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build / Diagnostics / recreate boot files


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Once you've done that, delete and re-create the Windows 7 entry in EBCD2.