Win7-Win7 Dual Boot


I copied my win7 SSD to another of the same and retained the NT Signature on both. Upon bootup Win7 installed the driver for the drive as it saw new hardware. (seemed normal) I then installed BCD 2.1.1 and added the 2nd ssd and rebooted. Boots to the selection screen and the drive I normally boot from won't boot. (conflict with NT Signature maybe) Boots ok to the copied drive. Typically with the error you have to run the repair to correct the mbr or bootloader I assume. Any suggestions to correct the main drive and make both bootable?
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NT signature issue.

Thanks for the post. From what application am I to create a new nt signature. I used Disk Director 11 to copy the drive to include the nt signature. If I copy it again without the signature will BCD allow it to boot?
The cloned BCD will contain bad information (wrong sig cloned from the other SSD) so will need startup repair if you want to use that BCD to boot from.
You should be able to add an entry to the original BCD for the cloned OS, because it will be booted from the one that's already OK.
Can I do the repair with both drives installed?


Thanks for the pointer. It's simply a boot from the Win7 cd and repair which rewrites the signature and all is well.
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