Win7/WinXP dual boot issue


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- installed Win7, used it for half a year
- installed WinXP on a separate partition (same hard drive)
- logged into WinXP aftern installation to see if it works
- it worked
- used Win7 disk to recover the boot sequence, otherwise I would've been stuck with only WinXP because it doesn't give me an option to boot into Win7 instead
- booted up Win7 okay but now lost the ability to boot from WinXP
- installed EasyBCD to add a boot entry for WinXP
- restarted PC to see if it works
- selected WinXP from the boot menu, the following popped up:
failed to start
file: \NST\NTLDR
status: 0x000000f
the selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt

- confused, WinXP booted up and worked a minute ago
- selected Win7 instead
- worked, booted up Win7 again
- did a fast search on this forum, found something about C:\NST\NTLDR being corrupt or wrong size
- deleted C:\NST\NTLDR
- restarted the PC only to find that now Win7 is lost as well
- panicked
- recovered Win7's boot entry using its installation disk
- booted up Win7 okay
- noticed that a new C:\NST\NTLDR was created
- added WinXP boot entry in EasyBCD the second time
- both Win7 and WinXP boot up now
- confused as dual boot didn't work before

Is this normal? Do I have to go through the same agony next time I decide to reinstall Win7 and WinXP? (deleting the file NTLDR to mess up the boot menu, recovering Win7 using the disk etc.) I hope that if someone else is having the issue then at least this will help him...

Any response would be appreciated.
Without the specifics its hard to tell what went wrong. At least everything appears to be working now.