Win7/XP boot


Looking for a simple solution to a problem that is taking too long.

Originally dual boot, one HD. One partition was WIn7RC, the other a full working copy of WIn7. I needed to run some items that are specific to XP and the old XP box did not have enough horsepower to do it. Re-format what was C (the RC partition) and installed XP.

Dual boot is gone and I had expected that.

Ran Hirens and kept getting error messages. Easier route was to install EasyBootCD. Installed, but there are no network drivers, so cannot find the internet to get netframwork down.

Looking to find a way to avoid sneaker net and walking everything over. I searched the drives in the box, but I cannot find the drivers, exen on the old HD.

I have been through the site and forum and cannot find a way to boot of an EasyBCD disc to install before the machine heads down the road to XP.

Pointers to a threat or help would be appreciated. All this just to get to the old NAS and one program!!

Thanks for any help



Followed the Vista/7 steps, selected the NT/2k from the pull down and the system found a broken XP on another drive, giving two XPs and no WIN7.

Now I am lost shy of using the Win7 disk.

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Boot into XP, and with EasyBCD add an entry of type "Windows Vista/7" pointing to the lost vista disk?
followed the step by steps

followed the steps by step on Vista/Win 7 but having done it bass ackwards, adding XP to a Win7 system, it kept reverting to the boot.ini from XP and not allowing the Win7 boot mgr to kick in. I finally bit the bullet and rolled the partition to 7, that put the boot mgr back to right and saw the two instances. For the software, I just forced it through on XP SP2 emulation and it seems to be working. Thanks for the help