Win7/XP Dual Boot - NTDLR Missing while launching XP


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Hi guys,

My problem should be relatively easy to solve as I know what I have done.

I had a triple boot : Lenovo Partition Recover / Win XP / Win 7.

Once I finished installing Win 7, the triple boot worked like a charm.
But I wanted to the change the default OS to XP instead of Win 7.
So I used EasyBCD.

But I also dumbly modificated the CHANGE SETTINGS > ENTRY-BASED SETTINGS, selecting a drive for the "Earlier Version of Windows".

Now, I can boot to my lenovo Partition Recover and Win 7, but if i want to boot to XP, a message telling me that NTDLR is missing.

According to this site, an XP Entry should have the followinf format : Drive: \Device\HarddiskVolumeX

How could I restore this ?

Beforehand, thanks.
Hi Xiwanm, welcome to NST.
If all you did was changed the drive of XP (It doesn't point to XP - It points to the system partition where copies of XP boot files reside. They point to XP), then just change the letter back to your "system" partition letter (or choose the "boot" option from the dropdown).
If you've made a complete mess of it -
Use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build.
Delete the XP entry, add it again, let it auto-configure.
Hi Terry60,

Thank you so much for the fast reply.

I have tried both recommendations but XP still displays NTDLR missing.
From Win7 I have access to my XP Partition without any problem.

Would you have any other suggestion ?

I guess that my last chance would be to repair my XP Install and try FIXMBR. :scared:
I hope I won t have to go that far.




Well, I guess it is part of the bad surprises of experimenting ...

I have tried the attractive option in v2.0 beta64, which said it would take care of everything and rebuild the bootloader from scratch.

I made a backup before.

Once applied and rebooted, I only have access to one entry, which is my Lenovo Recovery Partition. If I try to use it, I m told that winload.exe is missing or corrupted. :brows:

Could you tell me how could i restore the backup I made ? :grinning:

Beforehand, thanks
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My problem is that I m locked out of my OS ...

I have a LInux Live CD and a WinXP install CD.
Hope I can do something with this.
Boot your W7 DVD, run "repair your computer" "startup repair" as many times as necessary to get W7 booting again. Then add an XP entry and let it auto-configure.