Win7+XP : Write XP bootloader to MBR ?

Hi there,

Past history:
Quite a few working dual and tripple boots (XP) using PowerQuest Boot magic, but boot magic doesn't run on Win7.
So ...
I've been using Acronis True Image to bounce back and forth between Win7 and XP on my Win7 machine.
Both were installed on the same location of the hard drive ( at different times of course ) using partitions of the exact same size. ( Acronis saves the whole partition )

I made unallocated space large enough to restore XP to a second partition so

as it sits now
Win7 is at the front, XP is next, and my D: drive (personal data) takes up the remainder of the drive.

Easy BCD is installed on Win7
. Win 7 boots fine with one minor problem.
If I let the timer choose Win7 it want's to "Launch Start up Repair ( recommended )
I'd like to get rid of that if possible.
"Start Normally" works but I have to manually choose it. If I manually choose Win7 before the timer expires it bypasses the "Launch Start Up Repair" message.


When choosing XP I get a quick error message at the top left about "invalid boot.ini" and it just hangs in the black void forever.

I'm hesitant to "Write the XP Bootloader to the MBR" because it's unclear if it will replace the MBR, or add to it.
( I'd hate to have to do a LL Format on the drive to fix )
So can someone please clarify?

Important note:
XP was not originally installed in the location that it now resides in.
I've restored an image to that location. Obviously that's why it won't come right up so
will writing the xp bootlader to the mbr fix my problem and still retain Win7s ability to boot?

Thank you!

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Hi Steve,

EasyBCD | Reset BCD
EasyBCD | Add Entry | Windows 7
EasyBCD | Add Entry | Windows XP

You are correct to hesitate before using "write xp mbr" which would entirely replace the Vista support in the bootloader and boot only into XP.
Thank you.
I reset and then added both entries but XP still shows invalid.ini error message
and won't boot.

The "Launch Start up Repair ( recommended )"error message is gone now so we're getting closer.

I suspect the problem with XP is that it was originally installed at the front of the drive and then restored to a location that is different.

Do you think if I put XP at the front ( where it was originally installed ) and then restored my Win7 image to the second position it would work?

meaning ... if I reversed the locations of the Operating systems do you think it would more likely to work?

Or ... is it possible that the drive letter for XP patrition needs to be D: ( next obvious letter above C: ) ?


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Version 2.0

Other thoughts:

My guess is that this is most likely about the sector that the XP partition now starts on compared to the one it used to start on when installed at the front of the drive.

If I did a clean install of XP in the same place as shown in the picture above it would probably work. ( my last resort )

Anyway, I've already restored XP to the front of the drive and it boots and am currently restoring Win7 to the second place (20 minutes to go) and will see if it works that way.
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