Win7x64 & M$ Bluetooth Transceiver


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So I recently installed Windows 7x64 on my desktop and decided to setup my Wireless Entertainment Keyboard/Mouse combo that I previously used on my laptop. The laptop had built-in bluetooth and had no problems with connectivity.

Unfortunately the desktop has to use the provided Microsoft Bluetooth Transceiver in order for the mouse/keyboard to connect. I downloaded the newest drivers, ran the installation, and paired the devices - everything went well...for a while. Now the devices lose their connection randomly (at the worst times of course) and the bluetooth dongle will start to blink then turn solid green again though the devices don't always reconnect. I configured the advanced settings for Hardware Bluetooth Mode as I saw someone suggest that here on this forum in an older topic. No luck, they still randomly disconnect.

Any ideas? For all I know it might be that the M$ transceiver is terrible and I should just buy a better one.