Win98SE Questions


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I want to install my old Win98SE and have 2 options on where to install it.

The reason I want to install Win98SE is I have an older version of Word Perfect Suite which I want to start using again (for my business.) However, because it is an older version it wants to set up items on the pc which will "mess up" my other MS programs. (it did that when I tried to install it a few years ago on XP Pro) When I originally had it installed on Win98SE it wasn't a problem.

My preferred location would be on my desktop where currently I'm dual booting Vista Home Premium and WinXP Home. However, I realize that this could be very difficult and complicated to do. So questions are: Is it possible to do this with leaving the other OS intact? and if so, How would I go about doing it?

Other option: I have an older Celeron HP desktop which currently has XP Pro installed and is only used for backing up my data. I was considering reformating the entire 40GB hdd and starting over with installing Win98SE and still using the remaining space for backing up my data, and using WP Suite. However, this would be awkward for me as I only have one Monitor, and would have to shut down the newer desktop, unplug the monitor and plug it into the older desktop every time I need to use WP.

There is another option, but I'd rather not do it. That is installing it on my laptop which is currently running XP Media Edition. I realize that this could also be difficult and complicated to do.

One more option and a possibility, is: as mentioned in another thread, I currently have another laptop which originally belonged to a friend, but suffered some damage from a lightening strike. Currently it is just sitting and waiting with nothing being done until my friend hears from her insurance company that she can release it. When it is released I am going to try to see if I can get it fully working again. (there is some hardware damage that can't be repaired, so far it is the touchpad and one USB port, don't know yet if anything else has been damaged. )

If I can get it working again, I want to do a clean install of XP Pro, so was thinking that this would be the place to install Win98SE. This would be the best option, however, I don't know how long it will be before I can start working on it again, and there is also the possibility that I won't be able to get it fully working again since other hardware may be damaged.

Can you help with this decision?
THX, never thought about virtualization, although I have heard about it.

Don't know much about it so going to take a free HP course about it first. I think this could be the solution for what I want.

Again thx. Will keep you updated on whether or not I try it. But I'm intrigued and want to learn more.
VMWare, VirtualBox, VirtualPC are all the different kinds of Virtual Systems you could use. I have used VB before. It is quite easy to setup.
A friend just offered to give me a version of WP Suite which will work on XP, so don't need to install Win98SE now.

However, I still like the idea of a virtual machine and may still do something about it when I have the time.
A virtural machine is also safer too. Dual-booting with it leaves your entire system open to anything that may happen. Since a VM is contained within a single file, it is simple to isolate and problems with it don't affect the rest of the system.