WinDBG read errors

Mak 2.0

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Okay so i have tried using this to read Minidumps but it turns out that for some reason it wont work fight for me. This is what i see when i open it *attached*

Says somethign about the symbols being wrong? Guru whats going on? Is it my theme messing with me or what? Did i install the wrong app to read them?


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I know the symbols for a mini dump annalists are different for each version of windows, sure you used the right ones?
You don't just need the symbols for your version of Windows, but also for the version you're trying to debug.

So you would need the x86 and x64 images for XP and Vista at the very least.
But that one i got is for the 32 Bit versions of all the OS's for the NT platform and XP/Vista. So i would just need the 64 Bit version then?
I got those files installed now and it works jsut fine now. :smile: So now i will be able to read them right. :tongueout: