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Alright Mahmoud another one for you.

Now on a site i visit, Experts Exchange, they dont allow for minidump files to be uploaded. Instead they convert the files into text files with the .txt file extension.

Now i have downlaoded a dump file and converted it back to a .dmp file but when i try to open it the file is corrupt. Is this because of the conversion?

Anyway you can check to make sure it isnt just me. I ahve tried to open it with notepad, notepad++ along with WinDBG and every time i get a corrupted file.

Now the user said that the mobo is in Chinese even though he uses a English version of Vista. I have installed the multi-lingual symbol packs so i should still be able to read this right?

Any help on this is appreciated.



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Can you normally view .dmp files in notepad? I have on my machine, but it shows nothing more then unrecognizeable machine code.
Normally no. But it was converted to a text file. That is why i tried notepad. I converted it back to a dump file myself.
Sorry for the delay, Mak.

The file is corrupt. Either the user opened it in a text viewer and saved it from there, the upload process involved some sort of modification to the contents, or it was just corrupted somewhere along the way.