window vista recovery partition


Hello all smart people out there:smile:, i got some problem that i will need to consult you all:shame:.
Firstly, there is something wrong with my recovery partition, and they do not give a recovery disk. I am using MSI GE620.
Ok here is the problem...
when i tried to access the recovery partition, an error shown up, saying ntldr is missing. I tried to fixed it using a window vista recovery disk but it could not detect the partition.
Then recently i found this software from Neosmart, EASYBCD:smile:.
So i tried to add the window bootloader entry inside by finding the recovery partition and click add entry, then save setting.
However when i restart my computer, it doesnt work, the problem is not fixed.
When i boot up my window 7 and open EasyBCD again, under the view settings tab, the entry that i entered perviously were gone. I tried again and again but failed
Ok i have another small problem now, which is i playfully click on the reset BCD configuration button. And both my window 7 and unbuntu bootloader were gone.
I were able to fix window 7 by using it's recovery disk but how about ubuntu?
Ok, I can't see the screenshot cause I don't have an account there, but by any chance have you upgraded to 10.04 rather than doing a clean install? If thats the case, you may need to use a grub legacy entry instead.