Windows 10 and Zorin OS (Linux)

I have a problem, normally use Windows 10 as the operating system, I also installed zorin os (Linux), a few days ago, since yesterday it will not start zorin but only windows 10.
I was unable to rebuild the bootloader, the hard disk of the PC is to GPT format.
But until two days ago it worked.
I tried with easybcd but does not allow me to create a new entry.


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Microsoft won't allow Linux to boot via bootmgr on a EUFI PC. This restriction cannot be circumvented by EasyBCD.
The only way to dual-boot Linux and Windows under EUFI is to let Linux take control of the boot process and use grub to chain the Windows bootmgr.
It sounds like you did this when you installed Linux originally, but an update or repair on WIndows has reclaimed control of the boot process this week.
You will need to put grub back in control again, but I can't advise you on that as I haven't used Linux since before grub2 was even invented.
The Linux forums are probably the best place to seek advice if you need it.