Windows 10 doesn't like EasyBCD 2.2

I upgraded my Win7 Pro today and when I re-booted I noticed that my Boot Menu had changed (was expected).
My Windows 7 choice (a clone of my real Windows 7) had changed to Win10... and it had been changed to the default...OK.
So I booted into my real Windows 7 and launched EasyBCD (because that's where my EasyBCD files are).
Indeed the 3 choices were Win10 Pro, Windows XP Pro, and Win7 and Win10 was now the default.
So I changed the default back to XP (what it was before) and changed the listing order to XP, Win 7 and then Win10, saved and then rebooted.
When it rebooted there were only 2 choices in the boot list...Win10 was missing.
I also can't get to the new Win10 even if I boot directly to that hard drive. I get a Startup Error.
I checked and the drive is there with the Win10 files.
Anyone know what happened?

Edit: For a history, check out this thread...
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I managed to boot into Windows 10 by running EasyBCD on the Win7 disk and adding a new Win7\Win8 entry on drive F: (where the Win10 was) and changing the name to Windows10.


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