Windows 10 hijacks

EasyBCD is fantastic - I have it installed on Windows 10, which is also my default system.

However, after a Windows 10 Update, the next start-up bypasses EasyBCD and starts Windows 10 directly.
I can restore normality by then opening EasyBCD and clicking the SAVE button once again on the "Edit Menu" page, but I am incensed by this typical Microsoft arrogance.

Is there a way to do this automatically each time Microosoft strikes?
Hi, mqudsi
Thanks for the help (again)

I was wrong in thinking I had "fast startup" disabled already.

Hiding the "fast startup" setting in the "change settings that are currently unavailable" page had me completely fooled, because that button shows as unticked on the previous page - and who bothers about "unavailable" items?
I wonder if this will cure my vanishing System Restore Points in Win10 also?
Typical devious, pain in the a..., Microsoft - I have started learning Linux now.