Windows 10 OEM Recovery of Product Key

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B Renouf

I guess I didn't look close enough when I tried to recover my product key with the Product Key Tool.
My product key is embeded in my motherboard, which is defective, and I had to buy a new one.
Now I find that MS says I have to buy a new Windows 10 software package?????
I thought this tool would pull it from the software on the hard drive but I guess not.
Anyone able to do anything about this (other than buy a new Windows 10 package)?
If W10 came ready installed with an embedded key, it'll be an OEM key which is a license for the specific hardware it came with and even if you could extract it, it wouldn't activate on different hardware anyway.
Use the telephone activation procedure with MS and explain the situation and it's odds on that they'll do it manually (unless your telephone manner is particularly piratical - steer well clear of "Ooh aaar Jim lad")
How did you get to a live agent? What # did you use? I've had absolutely no luck so far to get to talk to an agent and explain my situation.
Still can't get someone live to speak with. For Window 10 they give a web site to go to then hang up on you???? They say that Windows 10 is only supported online now?
When I request to activate, they stay with an automated voice system, still no live agent as they say the wait times are too long. WOW what a pain for sure.
Well live help here depends on whether or not someone with knowl;edge spots your post.
I can tell you that the forum is pretty slow right now.
OK...fine but I'm not looking for live help with NoeSmart. I'm looking for a way to get live help from Microsoft.
Check the web for freeware product key finders.
There are many out there which will convert your Windows activation product key back to the original supplied product licence code.
Hi. I figured I'd just continue this thread. I recently ran your oemkey.exe on a Del e6230 and it said "unable to open msdm table! this pc does not contain an embedded key". Now, another tool called "showkeyplus" says "OEM Key: Windows 7 OEM marker present in firmware" but doesn't actually show or tell me what the key is. I've installed win-10 home 32 bit on this DEL but haven't entered a key and activated it yet. There were reports a few years ago that entering a win-7 OEM/firmware product key in a new install of win-10 sometimes worked, so I was going to try it. There must be an OEM key burned into the bios of this laptop, but why can't oemkey see it? I've configured the laptop for legacy bios boot (not uefi or what-ever) does that make a difference?

Another tool (rw) doesn't show an MSDM tab under ACPI, but it does show SLIC (software licensing) and that's where I would have thought that your oemkey tool should be looking... ?

Edit: I think I just realized that you need to boot with UEFI, maybe + secure boot, in order to see MSDM table - yes? If a computer is "new" enough to have a UEFI bios then if it has embedded OEM windows product key, would that key be for win-7 or something newer? Is it possible that the SLIC table would have win-7 key but the MSDM table would have win-8 or win-10 key?
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iirc embedded keys came in with W8. The e6230 was released at about that time but if you bought it with W7 onboard it should have the remnants of a licence sticker on the bottom.
I know nothing about "showkeyplus" but the Neosmart utility has only one purpose and function, and that's to read the embedded key if it's there or tell you so if it's not.
I can assure you it works perfectly on my PC and laptop (not there on the former home-built full retail W7/W10, present and correct on the OEM latter W10)
It sounds like the other program is merely informing you that the W7 licence is OEM (i.e. restricted to use on that particular h/w only).
If you've purchased a retail version of W10 it should come with a licence key. The key of your previous W7 is irrelevant.
Only if you're using a W7 -> W10 upgrade will the key of the old OS be of any significance
It's still possible to upgrade W7->10 for free
but you need to know the W7 key.
If you've still got W7 running there are many freeware programs that will reconstruct the 25 digit alpha/num licence key from the activation code.
If you've already binned W7, then you're reliant on trying to read what's visible on the old case sticker.
Other than that it's paying MS for a key that's left.
Ok .... I downloaded the OEM Recovery Tool and it gave me an Activation Code. Wanting to be sure I used Regedit and came up with a different Activation Code. So now I'm confused.
That’s probably because OEM keys are linked to hardware. They are not portable. Windows 10 onwards changes how keys are used. This tool finds nothing in my machine for example. Your ultimate solution would be to contact Microsoft Activation Dept. See posts earlier on this thread.
Hi! I'm sorry about the trouble with your motherboard and product key. I can imagine how frustrating it is the Product Key Tool doesn't work for your specific situation.
As thread is old am locking it.
Anyone with similar issues please start a new thread.
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