Windows 10 Pro - after Ubuntu Grub removal with EasyBCD, cant boot from USB anymore


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I had a dual ubuntu installtion in the past with problems, and I wanted also to remove the Ubuntu bootloader from Grub.
On youtube I found this video

The EasyBCD steps here are
- MRB Installation: Write a new Windows XP bootloader to MRB
- Edit Startmenu: Skip Startmenu

During the point "MRB Installation", the was a warning "EFI Bootloader detected... many EasyBCD features are disabled ..."
At that point I didn't think much of it (thought when there is youtube video, should be ok) and pressed OK.

Ubuntu bootloader was removed. But when I try to boot from USB, (USB is first place in Boot Order)
I get this message


Still using Windows (boots fine) but would like to install an older Ubuntu Version.

I'm very insecure, I can't boot via USB at the moment (neither Ubuntu nor Windows ...)
and I don't know anything about bootloaders, EFI etc... just followed some tutorials.

I would be very happy about any help.
Many thanks. Best regards


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Read this


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Thank you for the fast answer. I have some question, because
I have already made changes ... and cant boot from USB. (its a laptop, do not have cd)

Option 1
- Enabling legacy mode
- Disabling Secure Boot
- Perform "Automated Repair" with EasyRE
- Maybee legacy/bios mode higher boot priority

But EasyRE will need to boot from USB to repair anything ...
I dont think this will work with my somehow broken system.

Option 3
- ...

I think this describes the same procedere, I had with Windows / Ubuntu Dual Installation
before. First Grub is loaded and then you can also choose Windows.

I would like to install Ubuntu again (lower version), but Grub is gone (somehow)
and I cant boot from USB to install it with Ubuntu. And EasyBCD still shows me the error
message "EFI Bootloader detected... many EasyBCD features are disabled ..."

Unfortunately I do not know how I can proceed here. Sorry, I am very
inexperienced in these topics ...

Best Regards


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I gave up using Linux about 10 years ago, so I would not presume to offer advice on that topic.
Is your PC booting normally into Windows with no USB stick attached ?


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Hello Terry,

yes, Windows starts normally. My only problem is that I cant boot from USB. To install ubuntu or to repair windows (windows recovery etc...)
My Bootloader currently looks like this

To reset the windows bootloader in a normal state would be totally fine (before my "special"
EasyBCD repair, booting from USB was no problem, windows or linux)

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Why did you write the XP bootlader ? That's not compatible with a UEFI boot.

Do you have an installation DVD equivalent on a flash drive for your Vista/W7/W8/W8.1/W10 OS (you don't mention what Windows you have - I assume W10 most likely) If so you can use it, or if not you can make a repair disc ( Control Panel > Backup & Restore > Create Repair Disc) which will do the same thing.

Boot it and "Repair Your Computer" > "Repair Startup" and point it at your USB HDD to undo the XP overwrite you did earlier.


Why did you write the XP bootlader ?
I wanted to remove Grub bootloader and found a tutorial for this on youtube (video above), with many positiv comments.
I followed the steps and ignored the warning in beginning...

I have Windows 10. And I cant boot from USB and do not have DVD drive on my Laptop.
I am not sure if an external DVD Drive via USB will boot...

EasyBDC was able to write a "XP bootlader", is it possible to write with EasyBDC (or other) a bootloader that is compareable with UEFI?
Hope there is a chance.

Thank you very much
Best regards


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The radio button next to "write XP..." is "write Vista...", but that operates on the "live" BCD which is already using the Vista/7/8/10 MBR when you boot, so doesn't need repairing.
I don't think you can write an MBR to a different device with EasyBCD.
The section above MBR confiuration options however is "create bootable external media" and if you were using a bootable USB HDD before you corrupted it with the XP MBR, you should be able to point it at that drive and "install BCD" to create a W10 boot.
I don't know why you you would want to do that though, since you really want to boot another version of Linux. As you can see from the opening link in my original reply, you can only dual-boot Linux with W10 on a UEFI PC by letting grub take control of the boot process.
You need to search for a tutorial on installing the version of Linux you desire to an external HDD on a UEFI PC.
I refer you to my second post regarding my Linux expertise.


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hello terry, thanks for your reply.

if you were using a bootable USB HDD before you corrupted it with the XP MBR...
no, I do not have something thike this. my problem is not related to linux.
my laptop can not run a usb install stick (with linux and grub) or
a windows recovery usb stick, like a normal computer.

But I found something (

When I turn of windows two times, when the computer is starting,
Windows enters the recovery mode also without a windows recovery stick.
This it works! You told me I should try this

"Repair Your Computer" > "Repair Startup"

and maybee this (Fix the MBR – Guide for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 "Fix the MBR in Windows 10")


to reset all changes I made?