Windows 10 Pro and Windows Server 2016

I installed EasyBCD 2.3 on my Windows 10 partition and tried to use it. Windows Server 2016 was installed after Windows 10 so it was the last to install any BCD data.

I was extremely disappointed. This app toasted my BCD entries and I had to rebuild them myself.


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EasyBCD does exactly what you tell it to do.
It can't touch your system unless you instruct it to do something.
Several million users world-wide testify to its efficacy.
I suggest you read how to use it (it's pretty simple compared to the MS alternative) and then maybe you'll find out how you managed to damage your PC.
EasyBCD Basics
Like regedit, it has power tool capabilities, but you shouldn't use either "experimentally" if you don't appreciate what it is you're trying to do and how to do it.
Unlike regedit, EasyBCD will actually warn you in some circumstances that you are about to destroy your ongoing ability to boot the PC if you don't take further action before attempting to reboot, despite which warning (in big scary letters), many have pressed on regardless and then come here to complain "It broke my PC"
Strange how nobody ever complains to MS that regedit "broke the registry".
Listen here buddy. Why don't you stop talking out of your ass. I'm glad you think this app couldn't have any bugs.

This isn't my first rodeo. Has this been tested with Windows Server 2016 entries?

I used it to do some easy tasks like change the name of the 2 entries I had and reorder them. This app ended up making 2 duplicate entries. One entry was completely wiped out.


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If you can't even be civil - Goodbye and good luck looking for help.


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