Windows 2000, Services.exe at 99% CPU

2 different computers both running windows 2000.
Randomly SERVICES.EXE will peg out the CPU at 99% for 30-60 secs. This slows the OS response time and visible text input is not displayed until SERVICES.EXE stops hogging the CPU.
Win 2k SP4 and fully up to date
Adaware show now spyware/adware
no viruses

This is a work comp that i have admin rights on. Running Firefox and Corporate Norton A/V. Pidgin for jabber and IM. Thunderbird for email.
I dont use this comp to browse or game, sites are limited to our internal server,, and

nothing running in task manager that i dont recognize.

any ideas on what the cause is?
It could be from accessing the network from time to time. If it only happens at random intervals thru out the day and for only up to a minute i wouldnt worry that much about it. It could be anything. Something in the processing que that comes up. Something in the processing que that all of a sudden starts. It is for services.exe which sounds like a network task or something related to Windows.

So unless you can find something from M$ themselves who knows. Even searching thru their site gave no info that there is a know issue. All the info i found was that this was addressed in SP4.
Start | Run | services.msc

Sort the list by "status"
When you see the 100% CPU usage, refresh the services.msc screen (f5) and see if any of the processes are "Starting" or "stopping" instead of "started" or "stopped"

Other than that, get yourself a copy of process explorer to view details about what app services.exe is launching when you get the 100% problem:
Process Explorer v11.04

It's a great program, I swear by it for this kind of thing.
Thanks to ya both, im thinking its the work network as my home 2k machine, loaded with the same things, never has this issue.
Ill be working tomorrow and ill load up that process explorer and see whats up :grinning:
Yeah i was seeing a pattern that most of the time when the system processes kick up it is when accessing the network or another Windows 2000 machine. So my guess would be when you try and access the network. :wink:

But it never hurts to try something out to test it for sure.
Well this work comp is always online and always in network communication with the internal server via a VNC client app for reporting call stats. tho this issue occurs even when the VNC app is unloaded.

I have process explorer loaded up and have paid very close attn to the sub processes under services.exe, tho none of the sub processes see any cpu action, only the main services.exe is using the cpu.
also watched the services.msc folder for action and no status changes occurred when service.exe did its 99%
still baffled, tho im ok with dealing with this issue, as it doesn't last very long.
Only thing i can think of is check for any new updates. I didnt see any but it seems as if this is a random occurance that is happening.
I had this once before, but I discovered it (how, I cannot remember) to be caused by the Workstation service - my PC had a problem authorizing with the domain, and it was taking up the CPU.