Windows 2003 server Drivers for Dell Inspiron 1525


HI all,

Can someone help me to find the Windows 2003 server Drivers for Dell Inspiron 1525.
Im finding drivers for only XP.

Hi Rockers, welcome to NST.

The drivers should be identical - Windows Server 2003 can use the XP drivers without a problem.

My laptop is Dell Inspiron1525 T5550 with intel1.83Ghz processor and 3Gb RAM..
Im having pre-installed Vista on it. But i want to install XP and Windows 2003 server Os for my project work.Can i do that and if i do like this will my audio,video,blutooth,wireless and other devices works or not?? suggest me. If u can provide me the drivers for XP for Dell Inspiron1525 T5550 amchine...

Dell should have the drivers on their website. If not then they wont have XP Drivers available. Dell is proprietary and there wont be any drivers out there than the ones Dell provides. You might get lucky with a couple but not for the whole system.
Dell does not list or provide Insprion 1525 drivers for XP because they only pre-load Vista on there (now) and do not allow you to select XP as a valid OS when you select it on thier drivers website.

I had the same problem myself when I loaded XP on my own Insprion 1525.

Solution - Search for your hardware at to find drivers for it for XP (It may be listed under a different model, but it well work as long as it is the same hardware/OS)

For example, I went to Insprion 1501 and selected XP as the OS to download XP audio and wireless drivers. If you don't want to search through the different models to find the correct drivers, you could type in the hardware in a search (ex. Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN MiniCard) and pull up driver download pages from the results.
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