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Hi, just installed W2K8 server and a OSX and want to used EasyBCD to control the boot loading. I thought that 2008 server had the same bootloader as Vista but this appears not to be the case as the EasyBCD complains when I try to run it. Can I follow the instructions for installing the vista bootloader under XP for the same effect i.e. copy the boot folder across to my server 2008 install from my Vista machine?
Thank you in advance.
Errors I am seeing

Hi, attached are two screen dumps of the errors I am getting. I installed W2K8 first and then OSX.
Thanks in advance.


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Its tryng to look for XP's boot files and cannot find them. Since you don't got XP on the machine, I don't know why its giving you those messages. You can see the disks in Vista correctly? Go to disk management and assure thier listed. Run chkdsk c: /r to scan for filesystem errors.

Got XP on my machine and I've experienced the same errors before w/ 1.72. Might be something the upcoming 2.0 will address.
Sorry Jus, are you posting in the right thread ?

This is a W2008 / OSX dual boot. No Vista, no XP !

It looks to me like OSX has grabbed "active" status and overwritten the W2008 boot files, but since I use neither system, I'm going to refrain from giving any advice and leave it for Guru's next visit, because I don't know whether the repair of W2008 boot mirrors that of Vista or not.
:glare:I am posting in the right thread...
He's getting XP error messages though he don't have XP
Yes I know hes not using Vista. He's got server 08, which uses the bootmgr so he would be using EasyBCD

My guess is that bootmgr isn't the primarly bootloader. Which OS did you install last?

Go into disk management and verify server 08's partition has the "active" flag
Boot from your server DVD and run startup repair.
Reboot into Vista and see if you can run EasyBCD now. You will need to add an entry for OS X using EasyBCD in order to use it.
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2008 and OSX

Hi, I installed OSX last, not entirely sure that the 2008 disk has the repair option, will booting from a Vista disk and running repair from them have the desired effect?
It should. Cick the repair my computer link at the bottom-left hand corner of the screen after you've selected the language, choose your installation if it doesn't offer to auto-repair, and than choose startup repair from the options menu that appears. Add an entry in EasyBCD for OS X.

Edit: forget my wording in "Vista" in post 7. Meant server 08 there :tongueout:
Hi, thanks. Had to use diskpart to make the 2008 partition active then BCD would run correctly. I now have a 2008 and OSX entry in the bootloader. 2008 boots fine but OSX, when selected,doesn't boot but loops back to the Windows bootloader. As per the documentation I can press F8 at the OSX bootloader and select the OSX partition which does boot OK. Is there a way to cleanly boot OSX using the Windows bootloader without any F8 intervention.
Thanks for advice so far.
There's a sticky thread about a problem (Apple's) booting OSX from EasyBCD.
If you PM Guru and ask nicely, he might let you have a Beta copy of 2.0 which overcomes it.