Windows 7 64bit and Windows Xp Pro 64 bit Boot Problem

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I wonder if anybody can help me ?, I am a new user of Easybcd 2.2, On my computer I have windows 7 64bit installed on a 500gb hard drive, and on a separate 320gb hard drive I have Windows Xp Professional 64bit. I have managed to load them both into Easybcd, and when I switch the computer on, they both are visible as Operating Systems that are available for me to boot into, But when I try to boot into Xp Professional I get a message saying the bootmgr is missing. My question is, Can I fix this error using Easybcd only, I say this because I have some how lost the the Original Xp Professional Disc, I think I threw it out after a long overdue clear out. Any pointers in the the right direction would be warmly welcomed.



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Did you let EasyBCD auto-configure the XP entry in the BCD and then leave it alone ?
If you changed what EasyBCD set up in any way, delete the XP entry and add it again.
(the BCD does not point to XP, it points to the "system" partition, where the XP boot files have been copied)
If that's not your problem, how did you put XP on your PC ?
You say you've lost the CD, so I assume you've just ported an OS across from an old PC and installed it in a new.
If so, it's very unlikely to boot unless the hardware of the two PCs is identical.
If it came pre-installed in a previous PC, you won't get it to boot legally anyway, even if you had an XP CD, because its serial number will be OEM, tied by EULA to the original hardware, and MS will not validate any attempt to activate it.
Hi Terry,
Thank you for your speedy reply, I will attempt to answer your last points you raised in your reply first, and hopefully that might answer some of the first points you raised. I Installed XP Pro on a separate hard drive to the Windows 7 installation, Using a Genuine unused Installation disc. To do this, I disconnected the Windows 7 hard drive, Installed XP Pro and then reconnected it back up again. I then followed the simple instructions to set up both Windows 7 and Xp Pro in EasyBcd, Both are visible in EasyBcd, Both are visible in the Boot Menu that appears, inviting you to select which system to boot into. If you are suggesting I allow EasyBcd to autoconfigure Xp Pro, can you tell me how I go about this process ?

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Yes, just delete the XP entry in "edit boot menu", then add it again in "add new entry" selecting the XP dropdown in the Windows tab and leave auto-detect ticked.