Windows 7 always boots into System Recovery Options



Recently I activated Windows 7 installation. After restart, I was getting the message "BOOTMGR is compressed. Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart". I downloaded the Windows Recovery iso from Neosmart site and burned it onto a CD. I booted off the CD and some how came to the mini explorer window (dialog that comes when windows tells us to open a file) from where I right clicked the C: drive and unchecked option "Compress to save space". After this step, the BOOTMGR message was gone but now my Windows 7 always boots into System Recovery Options no matter what ... From Safe mode, after removing Recovery CD etc etc. I just cant make it boot from C:\.

** I can see that Recovery CD may have created a Bootable drive called Boot(X:smile: on my hard drive. I cannot delete this drive as I guess my system always boots from X:. (I get message that cannot delete as the drive is being is in use).

Please help me get back my system. I have googled for solution but none seem to work.

Thanks in advance,