Windows 7 and Linux problem


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Hello everyone,

I am a long time user of EasyBCD, but this is my first post. Between EasyBCD, SuperGrub and forum searches I have managed to keep my machine running. Until now, that is. Here is/was my setup: Vista on hd0 (installed first), Windows 7 on hd1 (installed last), and 3 Linux distros on hd2 with Grub installed to their various roots (installed at various times). Oh yeah, and a backup drive (hd3). Vista was the default and the MBR. (Sorry if I use the wrong terminiology). Everything was working well until I decided to remove Vista (I hate it). So I unplugged hd0, repaired the boot of Windows 7, used EasyBCD 2.0 to setup the linux distros and rebooted. Only I can't access any linux distro, all I get is GRUB and a cursor. I tried reinstalling one distro, same thing. SuperGrub sees the drive, but apparently not the partitions. GParted sees both. If I unplug Windows 7 I can access linux directly. Any ideas?

Hi Max, welcome to NST.
Did you remember to tick the "grub isn't ....." box ?
It's necessary when the Linux system(s) don't share the same HDD as the BCD.