Windows 7 and NeoGrub problems.


Hey fellow EasyBCD users, I have a quick question:

I have Windows 7 installed on my main WD Rapter (300gb), a few 1TB drives for storage, and a 320GB drive with Ubuntu, Backtrack 4, and soon-to-be: Arch. I could not get EasyBCD to boot the GRUB installs I made on each of their partitions, so I decided to use NeoGrub instead.

Everything works great, except for one thing: NeoGrub does not automatically load the menu.lst file. I have to manually type in "configfile /NST/menu.lst" to load it up at the "grub>" prompt. I am using the latest beta build and have also tried giving the "System Reserved" Win7 partition a drive letter, removing NeoGrub, and adding NeoGrub again so that all of the files got placed on the System Reserved partition.

If anyone has any ideas, that would be a great help. (Loading up the menu file every time gets kind of annoying).

Try This

Go to this link: "Boot multiple versions of Linux???". Go to post #3. That is how I go it to boot 2 Linux installs. I did not use NeoGrub. I let Easy do its own thing, & modified the menu.lst in the first version of Linux that I installed. All that is in my NST folder is the AutoNeoGrub file. Nothing else.

Does that make any sense to you?

I hope that it helps you.

Good luck,
Jerry in Anchorage