Windows 7 and openSuse 11.2


Okay hi Guys,

my english is bad but i try to ask my problem :wink:.

Okai, the first step i maked i install WIndows 7. C:
The second step i installed openSuse11.2 E:

I Configure the GRUB BootLoader in openSuse Setup, it works great!...

after i installed suse, i will change to windows, than reboot the GRUB BootLoader works, i change to Windows...

After that, i Reboot... the Grub bootloader is gone... dont know why, after i start windows 7.. It Starts automatically Windows 7.

So i installed the EasyBCD, and change the Boot... but i cant load my unix... every errors i got...

These are my Drives:

Partition 1: NTFS 0GB
Partition 2: NTFS 20GB (WINDOWS 7) C:
Partition 3: NTFS 200 GB (Programms, Every Data) D:
Partition 4: SWAP 2GB
Partition 5: Linux 26GB

I add an Entry Partition 5 and 4. With every Options i could change. i activate "GRUB isn't installed to MBR/bootsector" and something else.

Here the Errors when i try to Boot Linux:

With Neogrub BootLoader: Try (hd0,0) NTFS5: No neogrub
With Partition 5 -> Blackscreen
With Partition 4 -> Blackscreen
Type: Grub 2 -> Try (hd0,0) NTFS5: No ang0
With Partition 4 Activated: "GRUB isn't installed to MBR/bootsector" -> Try (hd0,0) NTFS5: No ang1
With Partition 5 Activated: "GRUB isn't installed to MBR/bootsector" -> Try (hd0,0) NTFS5: No ang2

Anybody can help me? :frowning: please.. I try the EasyBCD 2.0 Beta
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Hi nyou, welcome to NST.
Are you using EasyBCD 2.0 latest build (not 1.7.2)
If not, get a copy, delete the previous Linux entry from the BCD and add a new one.
If Suse 11.2 uses Grub2, be sure to select it in the dropdown menu.
If not, select Legacy Grub, and don't tick the "grub isn't ..." box unless Linux is on a different HDD to Windows.
Yes i got the new EasyBCD 2.0 Build 75 .. the 76 i cant download it.

I Tested all combinations, but nothing works...

Linux is only on another partition but not on a other HDD

Ah the Linux Partition is a "EXT4"

I hope this is not the problem ^^
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Okai i found the problem..

i installed with yast some packages for my suse, and suse makes a mistake, and crash the GRUB....

with live cd i change it :wink:

Thanks for Help gUys
Hi Nyou,
I have also problem with easyBCD and SUSE 11.2. And as I searched around, I think to install the easyBCD 2.0Beta should solve the problem, but I am not sure. Could you please tell me if you succeed to boot SUSE 11.2 now with easyBCD 2.0? Is there anything you did, except sovle the SUSE grub error?
Thanks, Bewodo