Windows 7 and Snow Leopard Dual Boot


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Guys I am at witts end. I am new to dual booting and new to using OSX.

I have 2 hard drives both sata.One is 0 which as Windows 7 on it. Second is 01 which has Snow Leopard on it. Both will boot fine on their own or if I hit f12 and select it. I set BCD 2.o Beta on windows 7. Ran it and select efi.With that a Grub error. If I select MBR it won't load.
Now I figured I could run diskpart in windows 7 and set the boot partion for Snow leopard active,but it won't let me,says not a mbr. If I boot Snow Leapord and hit a key when it first boots with the timer it will give me a selection to switch between 7 and Snow leopard .If I select 7 it will go to the boot select page of windows and I can select 7 and boot it. I f I select Snow Leopard it will boot it. Just a lot of steps to do it.

I am thinking if I can make that 200mg boot partition active in Snow Leopard then BCD would see it.

Any suggestions what to do now. I have been trying different things for 4 days now and can't get it to work. Help Please
win 7 and osx dual boot issue

I have similar problem. Installed win 7 on hdd 0 and osx on hdd 1. Both of them work fine on their own. osX was installed on hdd 1 with hdd 0 unplugged. After osx install i plugged hdd0 back and when i tried booting to win 7 it showed that it needed repair. did that and after that it booted fine in win 7. Installed latest build for easybcd 2.0 and added a entry for 'NST Mac OS X', but if i use EFI it shows me a grub doc screen. Then i removed that entry and added osx as MBR then it lets me boot into osx. Hope it helps. Please note, that this is osx86 10.5.7 installed as MBR not as GUID.