Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.1


Thanks guys! You're great! I've been using dual booting by EasyBCD since a long time. Now I bought a new laptop and couldn't boot in Linux, because of the Grub2 problem. I installed EasyBCD 2 BETA and it automaticly did the trick without any effort! What a great piece of software!
Works in Windows 7, but much slower to get to Ubuntu

I installed the beta for ver 2 in Windows 7 and it works (ver 1.x didn't), but it takes a long time to get there.

It appears that it corrected the menu.lst entry for the change in partition numbering made when installing Windows 7 (Win 7 installation creates a small system partition before the C:\ drive).

I ran sudo update-grub to make sure the entire menu.lst was updated but it didn't change the time it took to get to Ubuntu.

The previous version was much faster and I didn't see system messages from the bootloader. I wonder if this will be changed before it hits release?

Hi Don, welcome to NST.
What's slower ?
the time taken to boot Ubuntu ?
Remember EasyBCD is not the boot manager. It takes no part in starting your system.
It's just an app for manipulating the W7 BCD.