Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10


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Hope you can help, I've read all posts on WIn7 and Ubuntu 9.10 but can't seem to fix my problem. I thought I knew how dual booting worked and have been using allsorts of OSes on my machine successfully with grub1 or EasyBCD until WIndows 7 came about.
Since windows 7 I've not been able to boot into Ubuntu (9.04 or 9.10 with grub2) because of what I can only assume is the new boot partition used with Windows 7 final release. Win7 beta builds were all fine.

Anyway I have Windows 7 on RAID 0 partition (for gaming), I then have a single hard drive with no OSes on it just for 'My Documents' and then finally I have another single drive with Ubuntu 9.10 running on it. BIOS sees windows 7 RAID as HD 0, docs drive as HD1 and Ubuntu as HD2. Windows 7 boots fine when set to BIOS boot disk and to install Ubuntu I changed BIOS boot disk to that disk and installed grub to that MBR. Boot work fine and boot ok when BIOS boot disk is changed. But neither can boot from other drive.

i.e. When Ubuntu is set to boot drive grub2 actually picked up my Windows 7 RAID install but when picked to boot it says 'Invalid Signature'

When Window 7 is set to boot and above HD0,1 and 2 are correct. Windows boots fine and I have tried using EasyBCD to add GRUB2 Linux option but it doesn't work. Tried Using NeoGrub but that seems to randomly install to docs drive (seen as D: in EasyBCD). EasyBCD sees C: - Windows 7, D: - docs drive and BOOT which I assume is my Ubuntu drive.

What else can I try - what am I doing wrong? I'm new to grub2 so I lost as to have to edit that to boot back into Windows 7 too.




Hi All,

Managed to fix this, it seems that EasyBCD detected the wrong boot device. I found option in EasyBDC to change boot device from D to C as it should be as is configured in BIOS. This explains why neogrub always installed to D: and couldn't be found on boot.

Once I did that, I was able to create new Linux GRUB2 option in Windows 7 boot loader menu and could then boot into my Ubuntu install on HDD 3

What I don't know is how on earth this works (I am happy it does though) and if anyone can point to page or PDF of how EasyBCD manages to do this - that would be great.

I ask this because I also tried using Neogrub option and editing menu.lst to boot the vmlinuz image on hd3 which works (as in loads the initrd image correctly) but this craps out on finding root drive for which it is trying to boot.


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You could have just given the unlettered boot partition a letter, and then selected grub2, and EasyBCD would have correctly configured everything. The problem is the unlettered partition.
By doing "change boot drive", you put all the files on a lettered partition which achieved the same end result by a slightly more roundabout route.