Windows 7 and Win XP- Two hard disks



I recently bought a new desktop which has Windows 7 home premium in hard disk1(HD1), and I received an external hard disk(HD2) that has Windows server for server applications.

Now the issue is when i connect the HD2 then my monitor behaves funky and it does not display anything on the screen, can anyone help with what might be causing this as i would have thought that you can straight away connect a different hard disk to the computer and it would work without any issues?

Secondly, is it possible to connect HD1 and HD2 and select the boot from either of the hard disks?

Appreciate your response.


Have you got your BIOS set to boot USB before HDD ?
If you connect a bootable OS in that case, it will try to boot from it (and fail most likely) before it gets a chance to boot your normal internal HDD.
If someone provides you with a HDD containing an OS installed on a different PC (any OS), it's almost never going to boot (unless the PCs are identical make, model and configuration) whether you try to boot it directly or as a dual-boot option.
Also Windows (any flavour) is designed not to be bootable from an external HDD, to prevent it being shared.
Hi Terry,

Thanks for the response, if I understand right, you are suggesting that the hard disk will not work on the new PC. Is there any other way to boot up with HD2(It is an internal hard disk).

I think the problem is with display drivers or partition as on Disk Management, I am able to see the two hard disks and all the contents are accessible.
Your inputs are much appreciated.