Windows 7 / Backtrack 4 dual boot.


I need help setting up a dual boot of windows 7 and the newest version of backtrack (4 pre release).

I havnt used any linux distros very long and its been a while since ive touched it.
I already did a google search and searched through this forum and found a couple threads that either had no solution posted or completely lost me.

I installed backtrack 4 already, then installed windows 7 RC, I installed easy bcd, opened that and added a grub boot pointing to my ext3 partition, but when I reboot my pc and choose 'backtrack 4' it dosn't do anything, blank screen with the cursor blinking which means it didnt find the backtrack bootloader.
Is the Linux on a different HDD from W7 ?
If so remember to tick the "grub isn't.........." box when you add the Linux entry.
(conversely - don't tick it if they share a HDD)
there all on the same hard drive.

i have a 10Gb Ext3 partition which is the first partition on the drive, a 1Gb swap partition for backtrack, and all the rest of the free space is used for windows 7, and is the last partition on the drive. o ya, theres a 100mb partition that windows 7 makes as well.
Under normal installation I believe BackTrack's using syslinux as its bootloader. Don't know if EasyBCD well be able to help..
I've accomplished it on my utility ufd by taking the syslinux entry and converting it to grub. If you post the contents from syslinux.cfg I'll convert it to a grub entry you can use in your menu.lst.
there will be a need to partition the hard drive into 3 partition. give a least 10gb for one of the partition. this will be used for the backtrack.
after running the window 7, inset the backtrack cd, wait 4 it 2 load and type STARTX. this will send you to the gui (graphic user interface). open the shell and type UBIQUITY. Select your geographical location and click “forward”. Same for the Keyboard layout.The next screen allows you to configure the partitioning layout. choose the last option; MANUAL. this will bring up the the three partition. click on the 10gb partition and click delete partition. right click on the 10gb again and to choose the reiser filesystem and hit ok. this will install the backtrack files. it then ask you to restart after the installation. when it reboot you will see the window 7 os at the last option and the backtrack at the first. done.