Windows 7 Blank screen with cursor


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Hello everyone!

I had the bad idea to do some maintenance on my son's notebook.
An Acer with Windows 7 64-bit. I bought it for Christmas.

Just the normal stuff, defrag and clean out old files, and make some extra virus scans. Everything was ok.

In the end I also started windows update, and let the pc install one update, I have no idea what it was.

Then rebooted. Nothing.

I just get the blank screen with the cursor.

I followed all the steps in the sticky post to create a recovery cd for Win7, and tried to boot from that.

The first time it seemed to work, I got the message type "continue with recovery?"
I pressed enter to continue.

Since that, same thing as before happens. I only ever get the blank screen, it even skips any texts and logos that normally come up before finished boot.

Oh dear, what a mess. My kid is pretty upset about his favourite toy (he's only six), and wants me to buy another one, which I can't.

Any ideas?
You don't see a BIOS splash screen (with an Acer logo), but you can boot from a CD ?
Try removing the recovery CD, turning on your PC, and continuously depressing and letting go (repeatedly clicking) the F8 key. You might get a screen that shows you a list of startup options, one of them being "Safe Mode." If you can get into that, you can use System Restore from within Safe Mode to fix your PC.