Windows 7 Blinking Cursor after clean install


hello All,
Not sure what is causing this problem. I have done a clean install of Windows 7 and after the first reboot it goes into the initial setup name, choose a password, time zone, type of network and so on and then it says Windows is shutting down.
That right there is not normal. It usualy goes to the log in screen as I recall. Anyway, it shuts down and I restart it.
Once it restarts it comes to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner. Nothing else.
I have used this install disk before with no problems and have even used a different Windows 7 install disk with the same outcome.
Funny but Windows XP Pro installs just fine as usual.
I have removed my tv tuner card, unplugged all USB devices and have even tried a different hard drive all with the same results.
Also I have tried a disk repair using the Windows 7 disk and ran fixmbr from the command prompt.
The only new item I have installed lately was a new Corsair Power Supply.
Does anyone have any suggestions? And why would one OS load just fine while another doesn't.
Any help would be appreciated.
Does it boot in Safe Mode ?
If so, check Device Manager for any device with an error flag.
Is this a retail version of W7, or an old Beta build ?
One of the Betas gave terrible problems installing on my hardware, and would only run after I'd ported the entire driver-store from Vista x64.
I can't get it to boot in to safe mode. Just goes from bios setup option to blinking cursor.
These are both retail versions I have.
I must say, yesterday after it sat turned off for a few hours it did boot in to Win7. I did my usual loading of M/B drivers and then rebooted but then it came back to the blinking cursor.
Out of the 5 times I have tried installing theOS that was the first time it actualy booted in to Windows.
Check that your CPU fan is spinning.
Sounds like you might have a forced shutdown by the BIOS temperature monitor, if it boots when it's had a chance to cool down.
I thought of that too and check the fan. It was spinning okay.
This is a real brain buster because half the problems that I think it could be and then I remember that XP Pro installs and boots just fine.
It looks like the Windows 7 install procedure doesn’t like something about your hardware. Several things come to mind.

1: Have you tried changing your BIOS settings to the failsafe settings?

2: When you installed Windows XP did you do a full format of the entire hard drive? This should check all the sectors on the hard drive and mark any bad sectors as bad.

3: What operating systems were on this hard drive before? Could it be that there is something in the MBR that is causing Windows 7 to have a fit? Did you use a self booting CD disk that can do an erase of the entire hard drive to make sure that the master boot record was deleted?

Because Windows XP boots just fine, I would assume that your hardware is okay.

If both Windows 7 install disks work correctly on different systems and then fail on this system, then that should rule out a problem with the install media.
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Yeah. If the problem was No OS installing I would think it would be a hardware conflict, bad sectors on hard drive or something like that but with being able to install WinXP but not Windows 7 it seems to be a mystery.
I do not recall installing any other OS on this other hard drive.
I have unplugged my other hard drives but still no luck
This is the same Windows 7 Ultimate disk I have used in the past with no problems.
Something has happened ever since I replaced the M.B and Power Supply because that is when I suddenly started having problems installing Win7 or at least booting into Win7 after a clean install.
I would test the Windows 7 install disk again to make sure that it is good. Also did you try setting the BIOS settings to the failsafe settings? Another thing I recommend is to remove the motherboard battery for 30 minutes. That should also reset the BIOS settings.

My guess is the problem has to do with the motherboard. If there is a more recent update available you could try flashing the BIOS in the motherboard. Is the motherboard still within the return window? The power supply should not be the issue. You might also try unplugging your Internet connection during the install.
I am thinking it must be something with the motherboard too because I installed the old board which by the way is the same as the newer one, an Intel DG45ID but had a couple of the onboard USB ports not working so I switched.
Anyway, put the old board back in and it loaded Win7 just fine. I used all the same hardware with the newer one as I did with the older board but never could get it to load right with the newer board.
These boards were both given to me so I am not as a loss of money, just lost my mind for a bit.
Anyway, I can put up with a couple onboard USB ports not working and will stick with the old board for now. I can always use the newer one to install WinXP Pro and give it to one of the kids.
Thanks everyone for your input on this matter. I really apprecate it.:??