Windows 7 boot directory deleted can't recreate bootloader files


Hello, I am running a dual boot XP & W7x64 system for quite some time now (2 physical drives). I bought an SSD drive to migrate the Win7 disk, formatted it under Win 7, tried to install Acronis True Image 2011 try-n-buy (it failed), rebooted, and Win7 won't boot. The boot directory is now gone from the root.

I tried any number of fixes from the MS Support pages and finally tried EBCD from the XP drive. I followed the instructions to recover the vista bootloader (it appears that these apply to Win7 as well) and installing the Vista bootloader to the MBR on the Win7 drive didn't work. So I tried Type 2 Resetting the vista bootloader but it doesn't give me an option to select the drive. I did it anyway, added new entry for Win7 and it still doesn't boot.

I tried Type 3 recreating all vista bootloader files and settings but when I choose reset recreate/repair boot files I get an unsupported operating system error. Is this because I am trying to run it from XP? If so is there a way to recreate the Win7 boot files some other way? I have a working copy f Win7 in a laptop, would copying the boot folder to the bad Win7 disk do any good?

Is there a way to recreate the Win7 boot files with EBCD from the Win7 laptop over a home network? Also I just noticed that I installed Win7 exactly 1 year ago today - could this be some kind of latent virus???
OK so I booted to the WIn7 x64 rescue cd. Now I can't specify the drive to which the bootrec.exe commands point to. By which I mean that as I posted above, Windows recovery doesn't see any Win 7 installations unless the XP drive is also connected. So, I think that I am changing the boot information for the XP drive (C:\) rather than for the Win7 drive (D:\), is that correct? If so then can I point it to the Win7 drive? Also, there is no \boot directory on the rescue cd so there is still no bootsect.exe command available.
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