Windows 7 Boot Problem...

Hi. For the past couple of days, I've been having this problem with Windows 7. When I boot up the PC, it says:

BOOTMGR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

The operating system came pre-installed in this PC by HP. I purchased their recovery discs and tried them, those discs did not help either. I then tried a Windows 7 DVD I had and tried the repair system option, it did not work either. I also tried tying the fix with command prompt. It seems as though I've almost run out of options. So, what I'd like to ask you guys is; would it be possible to use EasyBCD to fix this problem? If so, how would it solve this specific error? If not; do you guys know any other way I can fix this, without messing with built-in recovery partition? If I have forgotten to add some sort of details that were needed, please let me know and I will post them as well. Also, if I have posted this in the wrong section, I apologize; I was having a bit of a hard time deciding where this thread should be posted. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, Computer Guru. :smile: Thank you for the link that you provided. I am still having the same problem though...I downloaded and burned the Windows 7 64-bit image to a CD using Imgburn. Then, I booted it up in my PC. After selecting the US keyboard option, it did some sort of scan to find the OS. It didn't find one, even though the PC has Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I then chose the option saying:

Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows.
Select an operating system to repair.

As mentioned before, I couldn't select an OS. So, I pressed next and the Startup Repair scan. The scan came up with these results:

Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically

Sending more information can help Microsoft create solutions.

Underneath, it had the full problem details. If you'd like to know those, please let me know. The details did mention a MissingBootManager. So, after this failed attempt, I chose to go back and use the command prompt. I typed in bootrec /fixboot. A message came up under saying the operation completed successfully. I then typed in exit and restarted the computer. And as I was expecting, the error was still there...
Use command prompt from the booted W7 DVD (our download is only a small subset of that), and run a chkdsk /r against your W7 partition. Then try the startup repair again (up to 3 times)
If this is a PC with W7 pre-installed, presumably it's still under warranty.
Why did you buy recovery disks from HP in that case ? surely you could have returned it for a free fix ?
If HP's own disks won't factory reset it, there must be a hardware problem.
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Thank you for the reply, Terry60. :smile: I did as you said and ran chkdsk /r using command prompt. This is what came up:

The type of file system is NTFS.
Cannot lock current drive.
Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected.

As for the recovery discs; the PC indeed is under warranty but, the discs were not covered. While I was talking to HP's Desktop Support Team, they mentioned that the recovery discs must always be purchased separately. Now, on an occasion that they sent you corrupted recovery discs (purchased); they'll send a free replacement. They also told me to remove everything that is currently connected to the PC except the keyboard, mouse and monitor and then run diagnostic tests. The PC passed all of them (CPU, Memory and Hard Drive). So, I believe there isn't any hardware problem.
Point it at the W7 partition.
It's trying to chkdsk the recovery disk if you let the drive default.
(syntax in the link I gave)
After pointing to the Windows 7 Partition and running the Startup Repair three times, it still did not work...It seems as though there's only 2 options left. Either I install a fresh copy of Windows 7 or HP agrees to fix this themselves (warranty).
And about running chkdsk pointing it at the right drive?
You should do that first THAN try startup repair.
Hi General Lee,
I have Win 7 (x64 Ultimate) too.
You have a hidden "System Reserved" Partition?
This is the Win 7 "System, ACTIVE and First (Primary) Boot-Partition".
Control please, if there the bootmgr present?
If this little (100 MB) Partition set as "ACTIVE" -Partition?

Attention please: If you edit in this little Partition, Win 7 can becomes a boot Error..

The alternative Boot-Settings on my System are on my HD "C", the OS-HD-Partition and explizite in a Folder with name boot.
In this "boot"-Folder I have all my Backup-Restore Programs.
Only for the Emergency I have this Backup-Programs on Boot-USB-Sticks too

The best way is a fine working HD-Backup-Program.
Then you have no problem after a fault/damage Win 7.

Hope this Infos are smal helpings for you.

Greetings from Germany,