windows 7 boot problem


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hello everyone,

here is the thing :

i get the bliking cursor and windows 7 is not loading

i did the option three : nuclear holocaust, it ends up with no errors at all
everything was ok.

but i still get that bliking cursor.
i also made before that a system restore to an earlier point but didn't work either
i already get a message saying 'windows found problems with your computer's startup options.
the following stratup option will be repaired :
name : windows bot manager
identifier : long id number

the following stratup options will be added :
name : windows recovery environment (recovered)
path : recovery/<long number>/Winre.wim
Windows device: partition=c:

backup in c: boot/bcd.backup0005

and i clicked repair

it's maybe that the problem. is there a way to cancel that restore point ?
when i try to automaticaly repair the system it shows me an error saying that it could not repair the system and if i had plugged in hardware recently, to unplugged those.

the system restore point don't work anymore

any suggestions what to do next ?
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