windows 7 boot problem

Using Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 Windows 7 64 bit home premium

Cannot Windows after incomplete C drive disk checks (first time incomplete when laptop power died, 2nd time was cancelled)

Purchased recovery CD and now had problems with manual command prompts

Found that my boot folder is in D Drive (use dir x :\d), but using attrib -h -s D:\boot\bcd command prompt, results in 'Path not Found'. If I use attrib -h -s C:\boot\bcd command prompt, results in 'File not Found'

del D:\boot\BCD results in 'request could not be performed coz of I/o device error'. Same result if I try to use Option 3 with bcdedit/createstore d:\boot\bcd.temp command prompt.

Any advice on how to boot my Windows 7? Would really appreciate your help


bootrec/rebuildbcd process shows that there's zero identified windows installation. V confused about that. performed 3-4 times startup repair. can't automatically fix e problem, need to eject other media items. root cause: no os files found on disk. partition table repair action but result: failed. error code: 0x490
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Mak 2.0

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Most likely from the incomplete and cancelled drive scans that some files got corrupted and caused the system not to be able to operate anymore. From what I am reading, the partition tables are gone and once that happens your only hope is to format and start over.