Windows 7 boots fine but Easybcd can't find bcd

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Hi. I have Windows 7, Ubuntu and Mac OS X installed to different partitions, and I have Chameleon installed to the MBR, so I can boot all of them.

It would be just fine if the Windows 7 bootloader didn't have extra entries that I don't need... So, I want to delete them, and boot Windows 7 automatically... So, fired up EasyBCD, but it said this:

The boot configuration data store could not be opened.

The system can't find the specified file.

Would you like to manually load a BCD registry for EasyBCD to manage?

Also went to My Computer>Properties>Alter configuration>Advanced>Startup and Recovery but there are no entries, and I can't change nothing.

Can you help me, please? I'd really like just to presse enter one time to boot Windows 7...

P.S. Also tried to re-create/repair bootfiles in EasyBCD.

Thank you,

EasyBCD looks at the "active" partition by default.
You (like me) are booting W7 via a 3rd party boot manager, therefore the BCD is not on the active partition.
When in W7, look in disk management for the "system" flag.
That's where your W7 boot files are (normally the W7 partition or an unlettered W7 partition named "System Reserved" depending on how you installed W7.
If it is the unlettered partition, give it a letter. You'll need it to navigate to the BCD.
Just reply yes to the "BCD not found" and navigate to the boot folder on the "system" partition, you'll find the BCD inside.
You'll need folder options set like this to see the boot files
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Thank you!

The Windows 7 partition (C:smile: had the System flag. Don't know what happened, but I just unchecked the "Hide system protected files", searched for the bcd file, loaded it with EasyBCD and voilá!

Then I did the magic... Windows 7 boots automatically now. Beautiful... Now just got to make my Snow Leopard work again so everything becomes "perfect". My topic:

Black screen after 10.6.4 update - InfiniteMac OSx86

Again, thank you! :grinning:
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