Windows 7 - BSOD, no BSOD in safe mode. Sil3112 (sata controller)


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I installed Windows 7 today on my SATA-drive and i get a BSOD in normal mode after about 5 minutes after login. It tells me the IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL-message and displays SI3112r.sys.

This i cannot understand because it works fine in safe mode.

Any ideas? My motherboard is the quite old ASUS A7N8X Deluxe


It seems that it works with this driver [ ] * SiI3x12 32-bit Windows SATARAID Driver

I hade previously tried the Windows BASE Driver and that made the system didn't boot at all. Its the SATARAID you want.

I can't say for sure its stable until tomorrow but for now ~15 minutes it seems stable. Well, it's quite late here in Sweden now. Good night!
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hi I'm having a similar issue trying to go to Win7 from XP. were you upgrading an existing system, or a new machine? Should I just download the driver and have it on a usb stick ready to use during my install, or should I update my XP machine with it first?


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Or maybe you can...


Or you can't. Just looked over the page and its what I thought. They word it as an upgrade and you even use the custom option according to the page, but really its a clean install. You haft to backup your files and restore them along with re-installing any programs you had.
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It seems that it works with this driver [ ] * SiI3x12 32-bit Windows SATARAID Driver

I have just registered so that I can say many thanks for that one little pointer.

After crawling all over the place looking for a solution, this is the only one that just might have eliminated the BSOD's on my new Windows 7 installation.

Only took me a week to sort it out.

When you do use those drivers, you should find that Windows 7 can check for updates and may even find a newer driver.