Windows 7 ~ cannot complete installation after recovery

This morning I got up to a PC that looked fine, but when I tried to connect to the internet it would'nt (and it is directly connected to the modem). I checked my laptop, no problem connecting to the internet there (wireless). So I rebooted my PC, only to have it boot and ask for the recovery disks. I ran all 3 recovery disks but when it rebooted it says "Windows cannot complete installation." To continue installing Windows, restart the computer." This is an endless loop. I have rebooted it several times pressing F8 and trying all the options but it won't bring up anything except the same message "revamped" a little with different wording. So I'm unable to bring up the command prompt to try using Ubuntu to copy my files before resetting my PC to factory settings. Any ideas??

I should also note that I am running Windows 7. No disk for this program was provided with the PC. Is there any way of recovering my files besides trying to download Ubuntu??
Hi Terry,
Thanks for the link. However, after downloading UBUNTU and attempting to reboot my PC with that disk in it, the same error message comes up. ???
What type of cord is used for the data transfer? USB to USB?
Did that... but it doesn't seem to load it. It will work with the recover disks, but not the Apps & Drivers Recovery Disks, nor the Windows 7 Recovery disk that I downloaded. argh
Terry, I assume you are referring to the external drives and not the dock for them? I do have an external drive used solely for storage. However, I cannot get the computer to let me look at any drives. I took the hard drive out of the computer to see if I could slave it to my laptop to retried the data in c:/backup... trying to figure out how to hook it up now.


Nevermind Terry, I figured out it was a case for the SATA hard drive! Gotcha! Thanks... I am on my way to the computer store!
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