Windows 7 Digitally Signed Drivers Problem


Hello guys, I have a problem with the laptop. It's a sony vaio, purchased a couple of months ago.

I noticed a couple of days ago that I could not load any dvd or cd. I hear it working to load the dvd, but it stops and neither any window comes up nor there is any dvd drive in "My Computer" It has been dissapeared.

I went to Device Manager, and I notice that the drive is the Optiarc dvd rw ad-7700h, and its driver is not digitally signed. I searched the internet and I could not find anything for this device, it is weird, since even in Optiarc's site, the only similar product is 7700s, there is nowhere any reference for the 7700h drive.

Any ideas for what caused this problem? A windows 7 update maybe?

Do you think that disabling windows to search for digitally signed drivers will fix the problem?

Any thoughts about fixing the problem?

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
If its saying 7700s or 7700 series than thats the driver you want if you've got model 7700h. Sometimes OEMs package a single driver for a series of their products. If driver roll back doesn't work and niether does the update try system restore to put the computer back a few days, maybe a week or two.

That still failing you could try to uninstall the driver and reboot. If you're connected to the internet or a good copy is stored locally it should automatically re-install the correct driver.
Optical drives in laptops are always the first thing to go. Don't be surprised if it's damaged.
Once again, thank you all very much for your help. I tried the uninstall solution described above, but I did not have the derised results. Anyway, noticed in the text describing the problem, that it is a "Code 52" problem, thus I will use my warranty in order to have it fixed.

At this point I want to make 2 questions to you, in order to get a better piece of advice:

1. My desktop is an AMD Athlon 64bit 3800+, 3gb RAM DDR , ASUS 7900gtx with 512gb, should I install Win 7 64 bit? (Currently working with 32 bit version with no problems at all) According to Microsoft, minimum requirements is 2 gb of ram, but the reviews suggest 4gb of ram, will I have any problems?
(I am neither a gamer, nor using any resource - consuming program, i.e. autocad, just a typical home user)

2. I am thinking to replace WinXP (since I do not use them at all) with Ubuntu Linux, but I have not used Linux at all. Any pros & cons? WIll I have any problem to choose OS (is it like now, a screen where you choose winxp or win 7?), what about partitions? (i.e. primary partition, win 7, secondary linux).

Once again, thank you very much for your help and support, and I would be grateful to have your advice/suggestions/comments on my above questions.

Thank You
With 3GB of ram you won't gain much benefit by upgrading to a 64-bit OS, but more problems with software/hardware compatibility.

Linux can be very tough for someone new to it whos been using nothing but Windows. Heres a great introduction to using Ubuntu.
Hi bandura,
my main OS is Win7 x64 (Ultimate) and need as minimum RAM 3 GB (aprox. 2.5 GB are used in "No load Time".
My maximum was 7.8 GB used RAM (8 GB are installed).
So i think, with a 32 Bit Windows-OS, you have much less stress (Win 32 Bit work with 3 GB RAM fine).
Remember the needet Driver for your "new" OS, there are present or must you search thise in in the Net?
Test the Win7 32 Bit on your Computer and is this OS OK for you, you can purchase this Win7.
Also test Ubuntu, is Ubuntu OK for you, work with Ubuntu.
For a standart User is Ubuntu not good, for "cracks" is Ubuntu very good (think so, i am not a "crack").

Greetings from Germany,