Windows 7 drive no longer works at all.


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I had Win7 Pro x64 working this morning (Drive A). Hooked up my old drive with WinXP x32 (Drive B), made sure it was fully functional with the system (installed drivers and updates). Then went back to Win7, installed EasyBCD, added the entry for WinXP, and rebooted. Upon reboot the system did not show me the boot option to choose which OS. It would only boot into XP. I figured I should be able to boot of the install Disc (OEM copy used to install Win7 yesterday) and repair the OS. It says that it cannot support the OS that it found and I would have to use the correct disc. Keep in mind this is the same disc I used yesterday to install it. Now I load back into XP to look at the Windows 7 drive, and it shows it as a GPT Protected partition. Where the hell did my NTFS partition go?

I cannot even get back into the Windows 7 drive to try and restore, run a start up repair, or even see any files.

Now what do I do before I have to reinstall everything again.